Komenci (Begin)


Once youngsters can read, they are ready to truly “begin” their musical journey with the HCC.  This primary choir provides a child’s first exposure to choral music and are taught the foundations of music theory and choral singing while having fun.

Singers are introduced to basic concepts of vocal production, sight singing, ear training and theory. Through the use of folk songs, musical games, unison and 2-part songs, young singers will develop an understanding of their individual musical and vocal abilities and how to use these skills in a choral context.  This choir would participate in a minimum of two annual concerts per year and a ½ day workshop.

All program candidates require a vocal assessment.
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Tuesdays, 6:15PM to 7:30PM


Hillfield Strathallan College
299 Fennell Ave. W.
Hamilton, ON, L9C 1G3

artistic staff

Melanie Tellez, Conductor; Brent Fifield, Accompanist