Ilumini (brighten)


When choristers have demonstrated their knowledge of musical theory, a strong individual command of their voice, and a high level of musical and interpersonal maturity, they are ready for Ilumini, HCC’s primary performing and touring choir.  Expectations on choristers are high, and include choir camp in August, two rehearsals per week, ability to learn lots of repertoire and choreography for a heavy performing schedule, and an annual international tour.  Although the work is intense, the rewards for choristers’ intensify with their efforts; choristers "brighten" their minds, bodies, and voices, creating dazzling spectacles for audiences, and an experience for themselves by which their true talent and personality shine brightly into the world.

All program candidates require a vocal assessment. This program is audition only and requires a high level of commitment.
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Mondays and Wednesdays, 6:15PM to 8:45PM


Hillfield Strathallan College
299 Fennell Ave. W.
Hamilton, ON, L9C 1G3

artistic staff

Zimfira Poloz, conductor; Laura Pin, accompanist